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Parents of children and teens with MS have the difficult task of helping to manage their child’s illness while keeping family life going.  They must continue to address the needs of other children and family members, continue family traditions, and keep up at their jobs and other responsibilities.  Parents must also make sure to take care of themselves, in the context of concern about their child. The Partners Pediatric MS Center strives to provide support to parents and families, as well as assisting them to connect with sources of support in their communities.  Since pediatric MS is relatively uncommon, parents of other children and teens with MS can be excellent sources of support for each other.  The Partners Pediatric MS Center, in collaboration  with the National MS Society, strives to provide opportunities for parent and families to interact, including the following programs:

MS Connection
The National MS Society’s site is a centralized way for those affected by MS, regardless of age, location & disability level, to connect with others from their smartphone or their home computer. Here you have the ability to join a “pediatric MS online group for parents” and form part of the 100+ parents that are already part of this group.

More information about the site can be found at Interested individuals need to create an account to access the groups and begin connecting with others on the site.

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